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  • Art at the workplace – global trends in the Polish office property market


    Companies are looking for new ways to attract the best employees, make the workplace more attractive and facilitate creative thinking. Works of art are becoming more and more common in office buildings. Outstanding paintings not only make us feel more relaxed and get us in a good mood, but also inspire and stimulate creativity. The Bobrowiecka Complex is an example of a unique concept of offices, where art has become a permanent element, creating a unique interior atmosphere.

    Displaying works of outstanding artists makes for a unique showpiece for a company and adds to its prestige. Not only does it build a positive image for clients and employees, but also it has a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of work. According to a survey by the American Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA) 78% of respondents indicated that art at work helps to reduce stress, 64% of respondents believed that it improves their creativity, and 77% of them stated that it encourages them to express their opinions. Research carried out by the Psychology College at the University of Exeter in the UK has shown that the efficiency of employees working in spaces where works of art are exhibited increases by as much as 17%.

    The Bobrowiecka 6 building is the first office building in Poland, which normally not only serves as the registered office of a corporation, but is also a place of art promotion. As part of the Spectra Art Space project implemented in cooperation with the Starak Family Foundation in the Bobrowiecka 6 building, the works of the most outstanding contemporary Polish artists are presented, including Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wojciech Fangor, Stefan Gierowski, Władysław Hasior, Tadeusz Kantor, Roman Opałka, Teresa Pągowska, Wilhelm Sasnal, Leon Tarasewicz and Ryszard Winiarski. This incredible project based on worldwide best practice, such as Bloomberg Space in London, Deutsche Bank+Guggenheim in Berlin, or Generali Foundation in Vienna, naturally supplements the activity of public cultural institutions, transforming office interiors into an astounding art gallery. In the second half of this year, a twin project – the New Spectra Art Space – will be launched at the Bobrowiecka 8 office building. The intention of the Bobrowiecka 8 project is that the planned artistic activity will not be limited only to the interior of the office building. It is also intended that the artistic activities are to be carried out outside. They have already been started with a mural planned in front of the newly constructed Bobrowiecka 8 building. The main venue for artistic events will be the Garden of Art designed in the atrium of the building, where works by young Polish artists will be exhibited.

    “Businesses are looking for places that will comply with its image and match the culture of a given organisation. Our art supports the culture of the tenants. Based on our experience, we know that the presence of works of art in the workplace is appreciated by the employees of Bobrowiecka 6. Culture gives the place a new meaning and it has an emotional impact on the employees, who thanks to the atmosphere and surroundings of the building feel and perform better in the workplace. Culture facilitates creative thinking,” said Dariusz Sokołowski, the President of the Management Board of Spectra Development.

    Apart from the presence of art, what has a positive impact on the quality of work is the arrangement of office space. The Bobrowiecka 8 building enables flexible division of office space, thus it meets high requirements of potential tenants. Spectra Development’s office projects, i.e. the existing Bobrowiecka 6 building and the Bobrowiecka 8 building under construction, offer a range of services tailored to the needs of tenants. All amenities available in one place, such as a conference centre, a restaurant, and a fitness club, have one thing in common, which is the possibility of having direct experiences with art.

    As part of the Bobrowiecka Complex, which has been designed entirely by the renowned design office JEMS Architekci Sp. z o.o., the Bobrowiecka 10 apartment building is also being constructed.

    For more information see www.bobrowiecka8.pl

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