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  • High standard greenery


    The Bobrowiecka Complex is unique among other projects in Warsaw’s property market because of the unparalleled presence of art. The second most important feature of the residential and office building complex is a well thought-out concept of integrating architecture with greenery. Bringing greenery into buildings is not only supported by tradition, but also has many advantages for the building, the environment, people and the city. It is the presence of greenery that makes the experience of a given space even more pleasant for building users. Spectra Development, the developer of the project at Bobrowiecka Street, ensured that the entire complex would be surrounded by green space. The related expenditure exceeded PLN 1.6m.

    “From the very beginning we wanted to create a place where people would want to relax and where it is actually possible. Greenery helps you to calm down and rest, it improves well-being and concentration, it is also the third most important criterion affecting the decision whether to buy an apartment. That’s why we didn’t cut costs on plants. As we are aware of such trends, our projects have a high standard, also in the area of greenery. We selected large and expensive trees and shrubs. We wanted to ensure a comfortable and green environment for the residents and employees of nearby offices,” said Dariusz Sokołowski, the President of the Management Board of Spectra Development. Spectra Development allocated more than PLN 1.6m for the arrangement of greenery, including the purchase of plants and street furniture.

    The Bobrowiecka Complex, located in the Dolny Mokotów district, consists of Bobrowiecka 6 and 8 office buildings and the Bobrowiecka 10 apartment building. Due to its proximity to Warsaw city centre, the location has great potential, as an attractive place to both work and live. The design of the complex was provided by a renowned design office JEMS Architekci, which also designed the greenery. The concept of the complex goes beyond the walls of the buildings, creating a coherent urban setting built in line with an original concept of culture embedded in space. Thanks to this, a new life was given to the area by expanding the range of services and providing for attractive green space that encourages people to spend their free time outdoors. All this improves the comfort of everyday work and life in the district, increasing the value of individual properties on the market.

    The buildings on Bobrowiecka Street have been surrounded by carefully selected elements of greenery, taking into account both their visual attractiveness and the extremely high requirements for the developer. These include the requirements related to maintaining the black alder, which is a 150-year-old natural monument integrated into the design and solutions adopted for green areas around the Bobrowiecka 10 apartment building, as well as requirements for obtaining a BREEAM certificate, applied for by the Bobrowiecka 8 office building. Plants that can be found in the complex include multi-stemmed birches, pines, sessile oaks, maples, different species of hedge plants and ornamental grasses. In the new project at Bobrowiecka Street, apart from carefully selected plants Spectra Development applied environmentally-friendly solutions, such as special irrigation systems or insect hotels.

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