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  • Spectra Development Partner for SGH Graduate Reunion

    Spectra Development was among the Partners of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics World Reunion (former SGPiS). This year’s reunion was also the occasion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Foreign Trade Corporation.

    On the occasion of the 25th annniversary of the Foreign Trade Corporation in 2016, the Warsaw School of Economics organized a discussion panel „Foreign trade today: challenges and opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs” hosted by Marcin Piasecki, „Rzeczpospolita” daily editor. The panel was joined, among others, by four experienced graduates of the Foreign Trade faculty: Andrzej Szostak, Andrzej Różycki, Irek Sitarski and Marek Felbur, and Tomasz Salomon of the Ministry of Economic Development. The panel was followed by an evening gala with over 400 guests, e.g. SGH leadership, the faculty graduates and members of the Corporation.

    The 25th anniversary of the Foreign Trade Corporation was an occasion to mint anniversary medals, which were given to merited retired faculty professors. One of the reunion’s traditions is to hand in golden badges to merited people associated with the faculty; on the 25th anniversary as many as four such golden badges were distributed. Another heighlight was awarding the winners of the „Business Idea” competition organized by SGH Professionals – a new initiative of Foreign Trade graduates

    and the younger generation of „non-faculty” SGH graduates. Three founders of the winning start-ups (SiDLY, Press Accreditations, Lacation Based Services), SGH graduates, received diplomas and awards of PLN 150,000 to promote the initiative and the winners in partner media –Wirtualna Polska Group and „Rzeczpospolita” daily.

    Spectra Development carrying out the Bobrowiecka Complex in lower Mokotów was one of the partners of the SGH Reunion. Spectra Development is an experienced real estate developer, operating on the mature commercial and housing real estate market. The company is developing based on stable Polish capital, and its strategic investor is Jerzy Starak. In all its projects Spectra Development uses state-of-the-art technology and interesting architectural solutions.

    As a sustainable company, the developer carries out its projects in harmony with the environment and is devoted to creating common urban space, promoting culture and art.

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